Thursday, January 26, 2012

From God's Hands to My Hands by Dr Ronald B Lumpkin (Book Review)

Principles for Releasing God's Richness

Dr. Ronald B. Lumpkin writes from the premise that every believer is entitled to abundant life and presents a guide to spiritual and financial healing in his book "From God's Hands to My Hands."

Lumpkin shows the reader the steps to take and the conditions to be met to be redeemed from the curse of poverty allowing God to unleash a His kind of faith. He then goes on to share teachings on the Biblical basis for tithes and offerings and the resultant blessings that can be expected when these conditions are met.

If you are like me you will find the concept of "vision casting" exciting and challenging. I was also blessed to realize that "exercising the imagination" can be a powerful tool for demonstrating power in my life as a Christian. Dr. Lumpkin discusses the importance of forgiveness and how this impacts blessing. He explained the sequence of asking and receiving, binding and losing.

The chapter on prayer and fasting was also very helpful. Dr. Lumpkin introduced important insights into how fasting creates spiritual and financial blessing. He explained various types of fasting and also shared a personal testimony of his own fasting experiences.

The book's content and subject matter are well organized with a natural flow of information. Dr. Lumpkin's writing is Biblically based, rich in illustration with related scriptural references. The chapters include a list of cautions and a "to do list" directly related to the material within the chapter. A simple suggested format for a family budget is included as a resource tool.

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