Saturday, January 14, 2012

How To The Internet Is The New College of The Future

If you are physically able to use a computer and and a keyboard then education is yours for the asking. Being disabled should not stop you from getting an education. There is a whole world out there in cyberspace that wants to teach you. Admittedly money could be a problem depending on which country you live in and your government programs. You should pick a subject that you like and most importantly a subject you can do with your disability. Don't try and limit yourself and don't say you can't do it before you even try. But with the internet you have to be able to write so that means sitting on a keyboard and typing the day away and thinking about what to write. If you can do that you'll be set up for life.

If nothing else write a book. If you can write a book and sell it then you will have an income. You should first look at how to sell a book because that is the hard part. On the internet there is heaps of free stuff but you have to work out yourself what is good and what is a waste of time. Very hard to do. Writing a book is the easy part. Selling it is when the problems arise so that is what you have to learn. But it is a good experience.

Anyway nearly everything is free on the internet. I use for my website and with their website builder you can easily make beautiful websites like and it costs you nothing. Also I am into teaching so Secondlife is the place to go. You can set yourself up and meet in second life to teach. It is an amazing place. I went to an inworld teaching conference and there were avatars everywhere. In second life avatars are real people so when you see an avatar there is a real person there. If you want to set up a shop or a place to teach you will have to pay something but if you just meet inworld it is free. I've been on Secondlife for years now and it has always been free.

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