Monday, January 30, 2012

Solutions To Choose The Best For Your Children (Story Books)

Quality, in story books are just as important to kids as they are to adults. Kids books for children need specific elements to make them, pull from the book shelf; favorites. Hidden within every book cover, there must be three main elements to make it a kid classic. Knowing how to choose the best story books for your children is as simple as knowing these three key elements.


Creative, colorful, well rendered illustrations are a must to fuel and expand the visual imagination of any child. Story books full of vividly colored pictures will develop images for further social and private play time fun and imaginary adventures.

Lively pictures will captivate for hours and hours. Each page will be studied carefully while the story is relived in the child's mind, many times over.

Well rendered pictures will also reinforce learning through word picture association by a child repeating the familiar sounds related to simple picture/word labels.

Story Line

A story line that develops curiosity, imagination or suspense will keep your child reading the same story book many times over. Whether it's snuggling into your lap for out loud reading or bed time quiet time, you'll know you have found the perfect story when it's requested over and over again.. These books will remain in a child's mind far into their adult years, as they think back fondly on their favorites to introduce to their children.

Rhyming in a story book also holds a special fascination for children. The silly sing song rhyming of Doctor Seuss books or the cute little poems of Mother Goose have made these story books timeless classics. Why? Not only are rhyming books simply "fun" they help a child to begin learning patterns of speech. As their little minds hear simple repetitious patterns of sounds they begin to understand how those singing sounds, make words.

Rhyming, or simple songs that are included in kids books will also pull the young reader into participating in the reading process. Older children will love to sing along, while the learning first words readers will mimic those familiar sounds as their language skills develop.

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