Monday, January 30, 2012

Here Vital Statistics And Its Different Uses

Vital statistics is defined as the branch of Biometry, which deals with the data and laws of human morbidity, mortality, and demography. The term vital statistics refers to the numerical data or the techniques used in the scrutiny of the data pertaining to essential events occurring in the given segment of the population. By essential events, we refer to such events of human life as fertility, mortality, marriage, separation, divorce, adoptions, legitimation's, etc. Vital statistics holds much importance and it is extensively used in almost all the spheres of human activity. Some of the important uses of vital statistics are given below:

Study of the population tendency: The vital statistics, as already mentioned above, reflect the changing prototype of the population of any region, community, or country in terms of the figure of births, deaths, and marriages taking place in this world. The division of the population segment of diverse regions by birth and death rates enables individuals to form some scheme about the population tendency of the regions or countries, and the general standards of the living virility of the races.

Use in the public administration: The study of population movement, i.e., population projection, population estimation, and other associated studies together with the birth and death statistics according to the age and sex distributions provides the administration with fundamental tools which are necessary for the overall planning as well as evaluation of the economic and social development programs.

The mortality and fatality statistics of the population also provide guide spots for use by the experts and researchers in medical and pharmaceutical profession. It helps to plan various strategies to control the mortality and fatality rate, and keep a check on both of them to be able secure the right future of the country.

Solutions To Choose The Best For Your Children (Story Books)

Quality, in story books are just as important to kids as they are to adults. Kids books for children need specific elements to make them, pull from the book shelf; favorites. Hidden within every book cover, there must be three main elements to make it a kid classic. Knowing how to choose the best story books for your children is as simple as knowing these three key elements.


Creative, colorful, well rendered illustrations are a must to fuel and expand the visual imagination of any child. Story books full of vividly colored pictures will develop images for further social and private play time fun and imaginary adventures.

Lively pictures will captivate for hours and hours. Each page will be studied carefully while the story is relived in the child's mind, many times over.

Well rendered pictures will also reinforce learning through word picture association by a child repeating the familiar sounds related to simple picture/word labels.

Story Line

A story line that develops curiosity, imagination or suspense will keep your child reading the same story book many times over. Whether it's snuggling into your lap for out loud reading or bed time quiet time, you'll know you have found the perfect story when it's requested over and over again.. These books will remain in a child's mind far into their adult years, as they think back fondly on their favorites to introduce to their children.

Rhyming in a story book also holds a special fascination for children. The silly sing song rhyming of Doctor Seuss books or the cute little poems of Mother Goose have made these story books timeless classics. Why? Not only are rhyming books simply "fun" they help a child to begin learning patterns of speech. As their little minds hear simple repetitious patterns of sounds they begin to understand how those singing sounds, make words.

Rhyming, or simple songs that are included in kids books will also pull the young reader into participating in the reading process. Older children will love to sing along, while the learning first words readers will mimic those familiar sounds as their language skills develop.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Way of the Western Warrior (Kishido)

I thoroughly enjoyed "Kishido: The Way of the Western Warrior" by Peter Hobart. The book can be read pretty quickly. It contains 50 short chapters in 161 pages and then includes a short Glossary of Japanese terms used in the book as well. While the chapters are short, the contain some very important lessons.

The book is a series of lessons that Hobart's martial art master passed to his students while not only teaching martial arts, but teaching virtues embedded in all traditional martial ways. The instructor taught through example that conduct is just as important as ability. He exemplified integrity, dignity, courtesy, chivalry, truth, trust, benevolence, and wisdom. He passed these lessons to his students, and now Hobart has written them down so the reader can blend the philosophical and spiritual concepts found in martial arts with the physical and technical training of their specific art.

The lessons are categorized in five parts: Foundation, Range, Strategy, Harmony, and Void. There are ten chapters in each section, and they cover topics such as: Shoshin (An Open Mind), Junshin (A Pure Heart), Fudoshin (A Determined Spirit), Heiho (Strategy), Gi (Right Decision), Yu (Bravery), Jin (Benevolence), Rei (Right Action), Makoto (Truth), The Dao (Interconnectedness), and Girei (Professional Courtesy).

There are quite a few topics with quite a range of lessons. I think some of the most important are illustrated in the final chapter, those of gi, yu, jin, rei, makoto, meiyo, and chugi; or Right Decision, Bravery, Benevolence, Right Action, Truth, Honor, and Loyalty.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

From God's Hands to My Hands by Dr Ronald B Lumpkin (Book Review)

Principles for Releasing God's Richness

Dr. Ronald B. Lumpkin writes from the premise that every believer is entitled to abundant life and presents a guide to spiritual and financial healing in his book "From God's Hands to My Hands."

Lumpkin shows the reader the steps to take and the conditions to be met to be redeemed from the curse of poverty allowing God to unleash a His kind of faith. He then goes on to share teachings on the Biblical basis for tithes and offerings and the resultant blessings that can be expected when these conditions are met.

If you are like me you will find the concept of "vision casting" exciting and challenging. I was also blessed to realize that "exercising the imagination" can be a powerful tool for demonstrating power in my life as a Christian. Dr. Lumpkin discusses the importance of forgiveness and how this impacts blessing. He explained the sequence of asking and receiving, binding and losing.

The chapter on prayer and fasting was also very helpful. Dr. Lumpkin introduced important insights into how fasting creates spiritual and financial blessing. He explained various types of fasting and also shared a personal testimony of his own fasting experiences.

The book's content and subject matter are well organized with a natural flow of information. Dr. Lumpkin's writing is Biblically based, rich in illustration with related scriptural references. The chapters include a list of cautions and a "to do list" directly related to the material within the chapter. A simple suggested format for a family budget is included as a resource tool.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Choose the Right Home Tutor for Your Child in Singapore

Statistics have shown that the tuition industry in Singapore is reported to be worth $820 million today, up from $470 million in 1998. This shows that the demand for tuition in Singapore is rapidly growing. What could have caused home tuition to become so widely popular in recent years? This is probably due to the competitive education system in Singapore. Furthermore many Singaporeans are what we call "kiasu", which is a Singapore slang "fear of losing". Many parents are concerned with their children's academic results and usually like to compare and boast about their children having good grades. Therefore if you want your child to excel in studies, you need to help him find the right private tutor for him.


The first thing to check when engaging a home tutor is his educational background. A private tutor who is already academically inclined himself will be better at imparting his knowledge to the student. He will also be able to explain the concepts and syllabus in detail to the student.


The quality of the home tutor can be determined by the number of years of teaching experience he has. As each student progresses at their own pace, an experienced tutor will be able to attend to the specific needs of each student and will be able to know what is the best way to help him. An experienced private home tutor will also be able to provide useful exam tips and pin-point the student's weakness to help him to improve. Finding an experienced home tutor may be a challenging task because the experience of the private tutor is unverifiable.

Home Alone America (Review)

Home-Alone America: The Hidden Toll of Day Care, Behavioral Drugs and Other Parent Substitutes, Mary Eberstadt, 2004, ISBN 1595230041

Many books have been written recently telling women that they can Have It All; motherhood and a career. Few, if any, books look at the child's point of view.

Even the best day care centers are little better than germ factories. If one child is sick, which happens frequently, it is nearly guaranteed that all of the other children, and the day care provider, will also get sick. There is also a large increase in aggressive and violent behavior among 3 and 4-year-olds. Pro-day care groups, who the author calls separationists, think that this is a good thing. Getting sick now means they will get fewer illnesses as they grow up, and being an aggressive bully means that they will grow up to be the sort of person not afraid to fight for what they want. (Really?)

A major reason for the epidemic in childhood obesity is the lack of parental involvement. There are no adults around to keep an eye on children as they play in the backyard, or the local playground, so children are told to stay inside and lock the door. Children also go right for the junk food, skipping the fruit, because there are no adults around to teach them otherwise.

Symptoms of conditions like Attention Deficit Disorder include fidgeting, losing things, interrupting, squirming and ignoring adults. These seem to be very close to normal childhood and adolescent behavior. No doubt, there are some children with an actual disability who are really helped by drugs like Prozac and Ritalin. For everyone else, is there some disease or mutation sweeping America causing the "wiring" in millions of adolescent brains to be faulty, requiring such psychotropic drugs?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Plan for a Relentless Improvement (RTO System)

What will be the initial move that you should take in opening a business? Before you run your business, you must perform first quality trainings and assessments. You need a robust foundation to have a good start and eventually, you will have a lucrative business not only today but in more years to come. The RTO system is an authorized organisation that provides assistance for those people who want to obtain fast and unwavering progress in their business. It helps you plan and define your specific goals and achieve them one by one. The objective of this system is to help every individual to gain profits with the quality that they provide in their services. Meeting the standards in the fastest way is the main job of the RTO. Consistency in the progress is another objective. When you plan in strategically, you will lessen the effort and time you devote in your business in order to gain profits. You must learn how to improve your methods in dealing with your business and clients as well so that you will have a far advantage among your competitors. The Registered Training Organisation maintains the quality training, assessments and internal auditing. It assured the quality of the national standards.

Businesses tend to fail because they have not passed the required compliance of the national standards. RTO can deliver qualified trainings and assessments to every person. If you allow your business to be enlisted to become a RTO, you will gain a lot of benefits from it. You can assure the quality of your business procedures. You will know how and where to start operating your business. You will also eligible to apply for a Government funding just in case you will need a monetary support. This is the best solution if your business runs out of funds to be used as a capital. Your funding opportunities are being extended because of the very useful RTO system. It is very essential if you have numerous options to choose in your funding issues. You don't need to run into the bank immediately to apply for a loan just to support your business.